About us

PPI is founded by internationally renowned fashion and product
photographer, designer Anil Kumar. He is well-known for his photography &
editing tutorials on Youtube. He specializes in Jewelry, Shoes and Apparel
fashion and product photography.

He has worked for many Indian and International Companies during his 42 years
of professional career as a photographer, display & graphic designer.
These clients are –

Indian Airlines / Air India
Bata India Limited
OCM Suiting
Gwalior Suiting
Graviera Suiting
Siyaram Suiting
Liberty Footwear
Action Shoes
Fashion and You
99 Labels

Professional Photography Institute offers five specialized and
personalized photography courses in Gurgaon are as follows:-

Photography Courses
1. Ecommerce Photography Course – 24 Days
2. Product Photography Course – 24 Days
3. Jewelry Photography & Editing Course – 24 Days
4. Basic Photography Course – 5 Days
5. Art Photography Course for Beginners – 10 Days