Group Workshop

Overview of Group Workshop: 3 Days Curriculum

This photography workshop is suitable for corporate executives who want to take professional-level portraits, headshots, and event photography.

Day -1

  1. Difference between a DSLR and Mirrorless camera.
  2. Camera Modes – Auto, Manual, Bulb Mode, Custom Modes.

Day 2: 3. Semi-Auto Modes – Aperture Priority (AV) Mode, Shutter Priority (TV) Mode, ISO Priority Program Mode. 4. Exposure Triangle – Understanding ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture.

Day 3: 5. Types of Lenses – Prime and Telephoto Lenses, Focal Length. 6. Compositions – Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, Rule of Symmetry, Rule of Frame-in-Frame, Framing, and Point of View. 7. Flash Photography. 8. Videography.