3 Months Commercial Photography Course

Course Overview

Want to turn your passion for photography into a career? With professional photography training, you can learn to take stunning photos and turn your hobby into a lucrative business.

In this 4-month program, you will gain the knowledge and expertise to become a successful photographer. Through a variety of courses and hands-on activities, you will learn the basics of photography, composition, lighting, digital editing, and more.

You will learn how to use a digital camera and its settings to capture the best images. Through guidance and feedback, you will refine your skills and gain an understanding of the fundamentals of photography.

You will also learn how to edit, retouch, and enhance digital images using popular editing software. Through this training, you will be equipped to produce high-quality, professional-looking images.

In addition to gaining technical knowledge, you will learn the essential business skills you need to make money from your photography. You’ll learn about the basics of marketing, setting up a website, and pricing your work.

At the end of the program, you will be able to start your own photography business or apply for jobs in the photography field. With this professional training, you can make a living from your passion for photography.


Duration –   3 Months

Age- 16+

Qualification : 10th Pass

FEES :  Rs.39000/-  (Monthly Fees Rs.13000) + 18% GST

Note : Camera and Laptop are available for learning if you do not have your own.

Professional Advance Photography is crucial to ensuring the success of any online sales business because one of the big downsides is a customer can’t get the full product experience. The only way is to see the product through images. Images shape their first impression, creating a tipping point as to whether they will continue browsing and eventually make a purchase.

Our Commercial Photography Course and Workshop will teach you how to take images that:



Boost the lifetime value of your customers.

We are in the business of ecommerce
photography since 2009. We have expertise in creating quality images for many
famous online sales websites.

Commercial Photography Course

This course has 5 sections :

  1. Preparation before and after shoot
  2. Product Photography
  3. Lifestyle photography
  4. Editing
  5. Workflow management

Preparation before and after shoot

Since we have practical experience in
ecommerce photography business, we know it is not just about taking photos and
send them to the client. There are many things to manage before and after each
shoot like logistics, product, ironing & styling, food, makeup,
accessories, props, tagging, counting of products and record etc.

Product Photography

If you are a beginner then you need
to learn basic photography, studio lighting, point of view and composition
first then techniques of shooting product.

Lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photos show your
product being used in its intended environment or alongside complementing
products. Like apparels and jewelry photography, we shoot products and models
using the same apparel or jewelry.

Lifestyle shots, ones that tell a
story, are best suited for social media, blog posts, emails, and other
marketing channels at the top of your conversion funnel.

It’s also good to add a few
in-context snaps to your product page, helping to boost emotional engagement.

The same rules apply to taking
lifestyle photos as in product-only shots, apart from the fact that lifestyle
photos allow you a lot more creative freedom.

We teach lifestyle photography with
quality international and Indian models, make up artist and stylist.


Images for ecommerce need mostly pure
white background and our photographed images have lot unwanted things which we
have to remove in editing. For high quality images we need high quality

We have expertise in editing as well.
We teach professional level retouching along with product and lifestyle
photography because ecommerce photography is incomplete without editing.

Workflow Management

We teach how to manage images, resize
for various ecommerce website, maintain resolution and article numbers of the

There many more things to know
besides ecommerce photography like interaction with modelling agency, make up
artists, stylists, artificial jewelry, shoes and props for the shoot, rates of
professionals, studio, camera and lights rental services etc.

Module-3 Course Overview

Product Photography

Including Module 1 & 2

  1.  Introduction to Product Photography
  2. E-Commerce, Lifestyle & Conceptual Product Shoots
  3. Camera &Lenses for Product Photography
  4. Product Photography equipment & Lighting Technique
  5. Colour Theory and Management
  6. Shooting Product on White / Coloured background
  7. How to use X-rite Colour Checker
  8. Product Photography Tools
  9. How to use Exposure Meter for Correct Exposure
  10. White Balance Calibration Card
  11. 360 Degree Product Photography
  12. Contact Sheet Creation
  13. Flat lay Product Shoot
  14. Stack Images
  15. Lighting for E-Commerce Shoot
  16. Different Types of Angles in E-Commerce Marketplace Guidelines
  17. Glass and steel Product shoot
  18. Post Production for Product photography

Fashion Photography

  1. Introduction to Fashion photography
  2. Introduction to Studio equipment & its Accessories
  3. Experience Studio Sessions
  4. Understanding & Working with Lights
  5. Fashion Photography Lighting Technique
  6. Gobo Photography for Fashion
  7. Creative Studio Lighting & Glamour Lighting
  8. Light Modifiers
  9. Studio Lighting
  10. Off Camera Godox AD200 and Outdoor 3 Flash Lighting Setup for Fashion photography
  11. E- Commerce Catalogue
  12. Studio Backgrounds and set designing
  13. Tips to setup your own Photography Studio
  14. Photoshop Editing Course
  15. Adobe Premier Pro Course
  16. Lightroom Editing Course
  17. Experience work with the team of Professional Indian/international Models, Makeup & Fashion Stylists
  18. Digital Marketing of Your Business with Web Designing, SEO, Google Ads and Instagram Business Posts & Reels.
  19. Youtube Video Production

Daily Indoor and Outdoor Practical Classes

  1. Professional Product Photography for Catalogue, Advertising and Ecommerce
  2. Professional Fashion Photography for Catalogue, Advertising and Ecommerce
  3. Flat Lay Photography
  4. Style Product Photography