8 Days Basic Photography Course

8 Days Basic Photography Course for Beginners in Gurgaon

Build A Strong Foundation For Your Photography Practice.

Enhance your way of seeing and take your photographic vision to the next level. Through fun assignments and critiques, students will advance their technical photographic skills with the primary emphasis on creative camera work. Student furnishes fully manual digital camera and printing.
As a photographer, you will need to master the technical basics of the camera and form an understanding of the kind of equipment you need. The Fundamentals of Digital Photography will also teach something even more important and crucial for success – how to bring your creative vision to fruition. Taught by seasoned photographer Anil Kumar, the Fundamentals of Digital Photography places emphasis on quality visuals and experiential learning. In this course, you’ll learn:
· How to bring together the elements of manual mode to create an evocative image: shutter speed, aperture, and image composition.
· How to choose the right gear, and develop efficient workflow.
· How to recognize and take advantage of beautiful natural light.

We will teach you to step back from your images and think critically about your motivations, process, and ultimate goals for your photography project. You’ll learn to analyse your vision and identify areas for growth. We will also explore the difference between the world seen by the human eye and the world seen by the camera sensor. By forming an awareness of the gap between the two, you will be able to use your equipment to its greatest potential.


Age- No Age limit

Fees : Rs.8000/-


  • You may plan your days and timings for one on one classes without additional cost.
  • We provide camera for learning in case you do not have your own camera

Module-1 – Course Overview

  1. Introduction to Digital Photography
  2. How Camera Works
  3. Working on Professional DSLR Camera
  4. Camera Lenses & Focal Length
  5. All Camera Modes & Settings – AV, TV, P, M, B, C1, C2, C3 Modes

Exposure Compensation, Exposure Bracketing

  • Different formats Such as RAW, JPEG, TIFF &PNG
  • Histogram
  • White Balance & Custom White Balance
  • Drive Mode – One Shot, AI Focus, AI Servo, Single Shot, Multiple Shots, 10 Seconds Timer, 2 Seconds Timer
  • Metering mode and Focusing mode – Spot, Partial, Evaluative, Centre Weighted Metering
  • Seven Important Compositions Every Photographers Should Know
  • Exposure Triangle
  • Depth of Field
  • 6 Natural Light Portrait
  • Videography
  • Social media posts, Reels, Size and Resolution
  • Basic Photo Editing

Daily Indoor and Outdoor Practical Classes

  1. Portrait Photography
  2. Landscape Photography
  3. Wildlife Photography
  4. Street Photography
  5. Long Exposure Photography
  6. Panning and Zoom Burst