Don’t Buy A Camera

Do I need a Camera before joining a professional photography course?

Most people would think this is a trick question as without camera, how can one learn photography?

You could not be more wrong!  The mistake most people make is to buy a DSLR and try learning themselves through YouTube or Google or the so called teaching Apps available today.

But when they practice what they have learned online, they realize that the results are not what they expected. Some even blame the camera!  Now in self doubt and thoroughly confused, their next step is to go to a photography institute for learning and then they realize that they bought a wrong camera!

If you want to learn professional photography then you should not buy a camera at all.

 You need to first decide upon an institute, visit them and discuss with their faculty what your interest are, your previous experience if any, your objective in learning photography etc. You should also talk to their Placement cell to understand which course and what line of photography is in demand currently, how well they can train you, will it help in your hobby or career etc. I would suggest write down your questions before you talk to the institute. It will give you clarity of thought and actions.

Camera comes last. It’s just equipment, the real doer, the magic happens because of YOU. A bad photographer with an expensive camera can shoot a horrible picture versus a well trained photographer with an ordinary camera. That’s why the faculty and institute are important, not the camera.

Once you have decided on the institute and the course, you can discuss with the faculty and research online the right camera for you. Because every course would have different camera lens requirements. Remember, you can learn professional photography and be an excellent, trained photographer without an expensive camera! What’s important is the course you choose, the institute and its faculty and the objective of your learning. You can always use the institute’s camera in the beginning and once you graduate, can always buy one at your leisure.

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