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Which professional photography course is in great demand? Myth Vs Reality

Today, the myth is that wedding photography is in great demand, prestigious and pays top dollars!

Well, the only thing is that the ground realities have changed in the last few months, courtesy- the corona virus pandemic.

Most weddings have either been cancelled or turned into a very simple affair with few guests and everyone with their masks on!  Wedding photography has really taken a beating in the last few months worldwide and will continue to languish until the pandemic goes away.

What has changed though is the sudden surge in online shopping and ecommerce transactions. Even traditional brick and mortar businesses are going online as social distancing and fear of the corona virus is taking people away from visiting stores, shops and malls.

This has resulted in a sudden surge for product photographers who can shoot, edit and help upload the images online for clients. Ecommerce photography is now in great demand and a very profitable career option.

The problem is that there are very few reputable photography institutes who specialize and can teach, train and equip students wanting to get into this field.

PPI is a pioneer in ecommerce photography and has been in the forefront of this silent revolution in photography. Our courses are designed to focus on practical training and teach the latest methods and techniques prevalent in ecommerce photography. With our unique “Learn and Earn” model, students can quickly start a professional career and take advantage of this current boom.

Our advice therefore would be to choose your institute carefully. There are many so called institutes who just make tall claims but their students face tough times when it comes to getting a job. Kindly read, talk and visit the institute and then decide. It’s your career after all.

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