Join our specialized Courses. Level-1 Basic Foundation Photography Course - 8 Days / 2hrs. Level-2 Creative Photography Course 12 Days / 2hrs. LLevel-3 Commercial Photography Course Weekdays 48 days (3 months)/ 144hrs. Level-4 Professional Photography Course - 96 Days (6 months) / 288 hrs.. Jewellery Photography & Editing Course 4 hrs / 12 Days.

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  Whatever you see on any online or companies website is through photos and videos. These companies success depend on the quality of photos. These photos are taken by professional photographers which is why now good skilled specialized photographers are in great demand. You get job or work just because of your professional level profile. When you are hired then you have to prove that the profile is actually created by you. You cannot take help of stock images or download images from the net to make your profile. You need a complete training how to handle your equipments, how to shoot different types of products and in different situation and you should know how to edit your photos. We at PPI train a student completely. We give 100% practical training of photography and 100% practical training of editing. We make you an independant photographer and editor so that you live in any part of the world, you will not be failed.

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